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BitDefender Free Edition 12.0

BitDefender Free Edition is a free Windows antivirus application
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BitDefender Free Edition is a free Windows antivirus application for protecting the system against viruses, spyware, rootkits, trojans, worms and malware in general, in all folders,diretories and all kind of files.

The program asks for updates automatically, if the user has selected the corresponding option, or manually anytime. The application can be launched whenever Windows system starts up, and minimize to system tray. It offers a graphical Scan Activity bar to display the scan progress.

BitDefender Free Edition does not stays as a resident guard application and it will only scan when the user decides so, or by scheduling scans when the user is not working with the system.

The progran includes a quarantine folder for isolating the discovered infected files, and the user can cooperate with BitDefender developpers by sending these infected files for later analysis.

When an scanning process is started, the user can select the option for creating a report file that will include all the statistics for the running scan.

The user can choose the depth of the desired scan everytime it is launched: Deep System Scan, Quick System Scan, Removables Drives Scan, Scan Memory or Scan for Rootkits.

For every option the application shows an overview light explanation, an scan path window for selecting which drives to be scanned, as scheduler for programming the action and a log review of latest scans.

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  • There are many options to set in order to accomplish the desired scan type and time


  • It demands to uninstall any other installed antivirus application
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